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Product Reviews
Real endorsements from Instant Arch Supports customers:
From Alina,
"I feel compelled to mention that the FABS did a miracle to my sore arches, the pain that had been for two years is gone and I could not be happier. Finally I can walk barefoot again and enjoy every step pain free. I had my husband wearing them and they helped him too."
Kevin, England, UK
By the way these mag fabs are brilliant & my wife and some of her friends could not manage without them., Kind Regards
Nancy Carson / Pennsylvania
Wow, what service! The Mag Fabs are great. I think you should know that 2 of my friends are also addicted to Fabs--and we're all over the age of 60. There's a huge market for people suffering (and I do mean suffering) from plantar fascitis. I ordered Fabs and have been just about pain free since. If podiatrists know about them, they surely don't tell their patients!!
Wendy. Adult Professional Irish Dancer and Clogger
The "TABS" are great! I used to stop practice early because the pain was too great. Now, I can dance for hours without giving my feet a second thought.
Alli Y., Aniar Irish Dance Academy, Fearon-O'Connor Feis
Not only did it make my feet feel SO much better, they seemed to make me go on my toes more and support my high kicks. I love them!

Carrie, Irish Dancer

As an adult Irish Dancer, who isn't exactly twinkle toes, the arch supports are a miracle!

Scott Hurd, parent of gymnast

As it turns out, the "FABS" of course help my daughter a lot for gymnastics, but they REALLY help when she runs 1-2 miles for PE! Thanks
Brooke, level 5 gymnast, Texas Dreams Gymnastics
They feel good. They help me tumble. They are very comfortable.
Chelsea, level 7 gymnast, age 15, Stars and Stripes gym
The foot supports really help. I wear them with sandals too because I need the support. I would recommend them to anyone!

Chelse, gymnast level 7, age 15
The foot supports really help. I wear them with sandals too because I need the support. I would recommend them to anyone.
Tara, level 5, age 13
I have plantar fasciitis and it has been bothering me for months, then I used Fabs and I haven't had any pain since.
Fred Cooper, Level 8 parent, Illinois
After some skepticism if the FABS would actually work to relieve knee pain for my level 8 daughter, I finally gave in to my wife and ordered a pair a few months ago. I have to admit that FABS seem to have worked for my daughter, and I thought I would pass on to you that I've just ordered another back-up pair for her. It's amazing that something that is so simple to put on, has made such a positive impact on her workout. She's told me that she doesn't even think about having them on during vault and floor workouts. As a result, this has allowed her to train for extended periods without pain. Her mom and I have really seen a big improvement in her skills and we feel this is a direct result of using FABS. Thank you,

Nikki, level 5, age 12
I think FABS really help. Get them, They Work!!!

Nicole, Level 9 / 10 coach / AcroTech in Texas
I have two level 9 / 10 athletes that began wearing the arch supports in April 2003. They have been free of back and heel pain for 2 months now.

Celeste Duster, Administrative Director, age 46.

I broke my leg and shattered my ankle almost 2 years ago. Walking has always been painful since them, until I tried the "Instant Arch Supports". The minute I tried them on the difference was amazing. I'm a believer!

Renee Feria

My husband Ben Feria, Feriagrafix's photographer, wears his supports all the time....(as a photographer and he is on his feet 3-4 days at a time 10-12 hours a day.) He is very happy with how his feet feel at the end of a 12 hour day standing on his feet.
My daughter, Karly Feria is an ex-gymnast and has been suffering from knee pain. She has been wearing the supports for about a month and really likes how they feel and how her knees feel (a little less stressed). She also wears them around the dorm, barefoot, she said it gives her so much support to her flat feet. Thank you again for taking the time to explain how the supports work...

Carissa, level 8 gymnast, age 12, Miyagi Gym

I wear "Fabs" all day. They really relieve my arch pain.
Casey, level 7 gymnast, age 12, AOGC
I use them for vault and floor. I love them so much. My heels don't hurt when I wear them, and they do when I don't. Even if my heels didn't hurt, I would wear them because they make my feet feel complete.
Lilly, level 9 gymnast, age 12, AOGC
In level 5, I had horrible heel problems. My foot doctor recommended "Fabs" and I have never had heel problems again. I am in level 9 now and I have had no problems and am doing great! THANK YOU FABS!!
Daryn, gymnast, level 5, age 10, CSUF Titans
These (Fabs) work really good!
Chelsea, gymnast, level 9, age 17, TLC gym
I hurt the arch of my foot and began to wear these (Fabs). They're awesome, and work great!
Kaitlin, gymnast, age 11, level 8
Fabs help me a lot When I run on Vault or do tumbling, it relieves the pain in my ankles.
Sophia, gymnast, age 11, level 8, AOGC
Whenever I don't wear MagFabs on vault and floor my heels really hurt. Now that I'm wearing MagFabs my feet don't hurt. They make a big difference.
Kate, Equestrian, age 10
I ride horses and complete in Level 4 jumping. My feet used to ache after a few hours but now with "Fabs" my feet don't hurt anymore.
Anita C., gymnast mom
I want to thank you for a great product! My daughter Amelia, is age 9, Level 5, at Academy of Olympic Gymnastics in Laguna Hills. She has been using her FABS for approx. 2 weeks now, with excellent results. We were recommended by her coach, who is also a chiropractor, to have her feet evaluated. She also advised that I try your product. I am so glad that she did. Since using FABS, Amelia's shin splints during Vault and sprints have disappeared. And according to her coach, the improvement in her gymnastics over all has bee HUGE!! Wow! Gone are the many nights of having to ice her shins and give her Tylenol! Yeah!! FABS have helped my daughter feel better about her gymnastics and therefore, feel better about herself! She wears her FABS during gym and her orthotics during the day. What a difference. I have told my mom and my sister about FABS and they were both very interested. I will be placing an order for myself and my mom shortly. I an a very grateful mom, Thank you.